Oilheat for Energy Efficiency

Recent improvements help fuel ultra-efficient equipment

Oilheat is more efficient than ever! The latest oil heating systems are small, smart and super-efficient and can save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs. Here are eight things you should know about oilheat efficiency:

energy efficiency
  • Heating oil has been reformulated in recent years to make it cleaner-burning—much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient. This has opened the door for the next generation of compact, super-efficient boilers and furnaces.
  • Because of oilheat’s impressive efficiency, Michigan homeowners enjoy high comfort levels and great value—no matter how cold it gets! If someone is looking to find the warmest homes in your neighborhood next winter, chances are good it will be yours—and all the other homes heated with oil.
  • New oilheat systems have efficiency ratings as high as 95%; this provides oil-heated homes with more warmth for less fuel.
  • Compared to 25 years ago, homeowners now need an average of 500 gallons less oil to heat their homes each year. That’s because new oil heating systems are much more efficient than those from a generation ago.
  • New oilheat systems are much smaller than older ones. The average boilers and furnaces today are compact yet powerful, and similar in size to a three-drawer filing cabinet.
  • Oil-fired water heaters provide unlimited hot water at low cost. Not only does an oil water heater save huge amounts of money over its lifetime, it is also perfect for homes with high hot water demand.
  • Many new oil boilers use energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage during mildly cold weather and provide a more even heat with fewer temperature swings.
  • High-efficiency oil furnaces feature variable speed motors that use about 80% less electricity than older motors and provide more consistent airflow and temperatures.

5 smart moves to get energy efficient

  1. Schedule your annual heating system tune up to reduce heating oil usage by up to 10%.
  2. Install smart programmable thermostats to automate your home temperature settings. You could reduce your energy use by as much as 10%.
  3. Upgrade to a new energy-efficient oil-heating system if your existing system is more than 20 years old. You may be able to reduce your annual heating costs by 30% or more.
  4. Keep warm air moving through your home. You can distribute heat evenly in rooms by running a ceiling fan in reverse. By recirculating the warm air trapped near the ceiling, you can lower your thermostat—and save money on heat.
  5. Install an indirect-fired water heater, which uses your boiler as its own heat source. This can cut your water-heating costs significantly during the fall and winter.

Oilheat—the more you know, the happier you’ll be using it! Contact your local heating oil dealer in Michigan to learn how you can use this clean, safe and efficient fuel to your best advantage!