Choosing the Right Equipment

What to expect when considering new boilers or furnaces

choosing equipment

If your equipment is more than 25 years old and breakdowns have become frequent, or your latest repair required replacing a major part, it’s a good sign that your system is reaching the end of its life span. Today’s oil boilers and furnaces are much more efficient, using about 30% less fuel each year. There have also been many terrific advances in fuel storage tanks. Read more about oil tanks.

On average, the energy-efficiency level for new oil heating systems is in the mid-80% range, but to make sure your system performs to its rated efficiency level, it’s critical that your heating system installation be done properly.

Getting what you pay for

Suppose you have an old boiler that’s only 50% efficient (this means half of your heat gets wasted) and you replace it with a new oil boiler with an 85% efficiency rating. With such a big boost in energy efficiency, you should expect to save a lot of heating dollars for many years down the road. This is true—under one important condition: Your new boiler needs to be sized and installed correctly.

Why size matters

  • For heating systems, sizing doesn’t mean small, medium and large. In this case, sizing refers to how much BTU power the system has. If a contractor installs something too powerful (oversized), it will give you more heat than you need, wasting energy and money. But if the system doesn’t have enough power, (undersized) your home will not feel comfortable; you will also spend more on fuel because the heating system will keep turning on.
  • To determine how much power your home’s heating system needs, an experienced heating oil service provider will do tests to figure out how much heat your home loses in the winter.

Installing it right

  • A new heating system is not like a refrigerator! Your installer cannot just bring it to your house, plug it in and then leave. First, they’ll need to figure out what size system works best for your home and family.
  • Once a proper-sized system is selected, it will need to be installed the right way. This requires skilled technicians with specialized training.

Bottom line: Installing a new heating system will increase energy efficiency and save you money, as long as the boiler or furnace is sized and installed correctly.

If you’re ready to explore new heating options for your home, your local heating oil company will be happy to help.