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Get expert advice for selling oilheated homes

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Your clients expect you to know just about everything when it comes to the home they’re looking to buy or sell. But did you ever get stumped by questions asked about an oil-heated home?

Obviously, you can boost your listings and sales of oil-heated homes if your clients see you as a knowledgeable real estate agent looking after their best interests.

To build up your knowledge, consider forming a partnership with the oilheat experts—local heating oil providers in Michigan. They are a great resource for Michigan real estate agents and would be happy to discuss with you all the benefits of oilheat for prospective homeowners.

Underground tank? Get it out of the ground

As you’ve no doubt experienced, an underground oil tank is usually the biggest obstacle in closing the deal on an oil-heated home. You should know that the efficiency of oilheat systems has come such a long way that homeowners don’t need to store nearly as much oil on their property as they did a generation ago.

That’s why it makes good sense to speak to your seller about removing the underground tank on their home and replacing it with a new aboveground tank. The cost is not terribly expensive and your local heating oil dealer may be able help facilitate this process. Modernizing the fuel storage system of the home will make the properties that you list much easier to sell!

Do you know these 10 oilheat talking points?

For years, oilheat has been keeping homes affordably warm and safe. But most homebuyers don’t realize that many technological breakthroughs have made oilheat a more efficient and cleaner fuel.

If you’ve been looking for the edge you need to list and sell more oil-heated homes, use these talking points during your next open house at an oil-heated home. This will build your knowledge of modern Oilheat and help you succeed in closing more homes!

  • Homeowners have the freedom to choose from a variety of oilheat companies, depending on the services and support they need.
  • Oilheat companies can make life easier with automatic fuel deliveries so homeowners don’t have to worry about calling for deliveries or running out of fuel when they need it the most.
  • Today’s oilheat systems are so compact, they take up as little as five square feet of space.
  • New oilheat systems boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before.
  • Many oilheat systems are so efficient they qualify for the Energy Star label.
  • Oil-heated homes heat up quickly and provide even and efficient heat. For every gallon of oil burned, nearly 140,000 Btu’s are generated.
  • Heating oil has become progressively cleaner and more efficient for Michigan homeowners. The advent of ultra-low sulfur heating oil, combined with the growing use of Bioheat®, which is the most refined heating oil available, has resulted in greater system efficiency and reduced the source of many system maintenance issues.
  • Modern oil burners emit near-zero levels of pollution; heating with oil today means no odors, soot or other residue in the home.
  • Compared with 25 years ago, homeowners now need an average of 500 gallons less oil to heat their homes each year. That’s because new oil heating systems are much more efficient than those from a generation ago.
  • Oil-fired water heaters provide unlimited hot water at low cost. Not only does an oil water heater save huge amounts of money over its lifetime, it is also perfect for homes with high hot water demand (growing families, homes with Jacuzzi bathtubs, etc.)