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Is It Time to Replace Your Oil Boiler?

Know When to Repair, Know When to Replace

boiler installation michiganLike any piece of equipment, your heating oil boiler will eventually have to be replaced one day. But is that day near, or still far off? If you need a repair, should you still keep putting money into your current boiler? Or would you better off investing your money into a new, high-efficiency boiler?

First, let’s look at age. While the average boiler will last about 20-25 years—as long as a proper maintenance has been followed–there are many home boilers out there that are 35 years old or older. And while they may still be keeping your home warm enough, the efficiency rate is much lower than a modern heating oil boiler, which means you are using more fuel to generate heat.

Tell-tale signs of a dying boiler

But if you’re happy with your boiler’s performance, regardless of its age, what trouble signs should you be looking for?

Signs of Corrosion

Just like your water heater, if you see outward signs of rust on your boiler, its time is running out. A professional inspection may also reveal damage to piping or other boiler components.

Your Comfort Levels Are Lower

Is your old boiler keeping you warm enough? A properly working oil boiler should keep you comfortable even on the coldest Michigan nights, but a boiler’s operating performance and efficiency diminish with the passage of time.

Your Heating Costs Are Higher

Your boiler’s efficiency slowly degrades the older it gets. Lower efficiency means higher heating costs. Add in a higher number of repairs for an old system and this is another strong sign that it could be time to let go of your old oil boiler and upgrade to a new one.

Diminished Hot Water Production

If you depend on your boiler to heat your domestic hot water—and you’re not getting as much hot water as before–this could be a sign of a leaking or corroded coil on the boiler, a warning of potential boiler failure.

What You Get with an Upgrade

By upgrading to a new oil boiler, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the great benefits of heating oil—now and in the future.

The heating oil industry continues to undergo a revolution that is significantly improving heating oil’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks to the combination of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and the advent of Bioheat® fuel.

Leaders in the heating oil business are excited by opportunities that will positively influence the long-term future of the industry and the environment while improving the oil heat experience for millions of customers.

If you have questions about decreasing your energy use, reducing your heating costs or simply using energy around your home in smarter ways, make sure to contact your local heating oil company for advice.

Please go here to learn about available rebates for replacing your heating oil system.