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What Can I Do with Insulation Now to Save on Next Winter’s Heating Oil?

Window caulking

Would you leave a window wide open in the middle of winter with your oil boiler or oil furnace working so hard to keep your family warm? Of course not, but that’s what many Michiganders are effectively doing when they haven’t properly insulated and weatherized their home.

That’s because it has been shown that the average American home leaks an amount of air that’s equivalent to a four-foot hole in an exterior wall. Most air leaks typically go through spaces around windows and doors as well as through the walls in its attic and crawl spaces.

To minimize those leaks, you will need to weatherize; while it may take some time, money and effort, it’s actually one of the best energy efficiency investments you can make for your Michigan home. It’s right up there with installing new high-efficiency oilheating equipment.

What to do and where to do it

Use this list as a reference of the many places to check for air leaks. If you want a more accurate assessment of your home’s problem areas, consider investing in an energy audit from a reputable contractor.

Exterior windows and doors



Living spaces


Looking for more ways to save energy? Your local Michigan oilheat dealer can help—they are your energy-saving partner! Reach out to them today for expert advice on high-efficiency upgrades for your oilheating equipment.