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Upgrading your Oilheat System vs. Converting

should I upgrade or convert my oilheat system michigan

Michiganders who are facing an expensive repair to get their old oil heating equipment up and running again may consider switching to another fuel to heat their home. The reason is simple: they think this move could save them a lot of money. It’s only natural. Saving money in these uncertain times is on most people’s minds.

However, the upfront cost to convert to another fuel can often cost you thousands of dollars. And it’s really doesn’t make sense to switch to a less efficient fuel when safe oilheat can keep you warm even on the coldest of Michigan nights.

That’s because heating oil generates a high number of Btu’s of heat, so it will warm your Michigan home more evenly. Your home will be among the warmest on the block every winter. That’s why oilheat is renowned as the ultimate comfort fuel!

Modern, efficient oilheating systems in well-insulated homes can help homeowners achieve the same amount of warmth while using much less fuel. This results in huge savings and reduces fuel consumption considerably.

Keep in mind that oilheat systems are really no different than any other outdated heating system, regardless of the fuel used. Old systems can generate higher-than-necessary fuel bills, but they can be easily replaced with equipment that incorporates today’s new oilheat technology.

Permanent savings with a new oilheating system

There have been many advances in oilheat equipment over the years. And with the availability of up to $1,000 in rebates available through the Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPAMACS)—with the support of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA)—it is easier than ever to cut your fuel costs and save even more by upgrading to the best oilheating system available.

Today’s oil furnaces and oil boilers offer homeowners a great opportunity to increase their comfort while decreasing their energy usage. New systems now heat homes using significantly less energy compared to older generation equipment. Energy-efficient equipment can be installed with the latest technologically advanced controls to use only as much fuel as needed to heat your home or a specific part of your home.

If you’re worried about your old oil storage tank, you could qualify for a $400 rebate when you upgrade to a modern oil tank. Today’s fuel storage tanks are light-years ahead of old models because they are virtually leak-proof. If your oil tank is more than 30 years old, it’s a good idea to speak with your Michigan oilheat equipment provider or HVAC contractor about your replacement options.

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