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Top Reasons to Choose Heating Oil: Clean, Abundant, Safe, Efficient—Part One

Clean eco-friendly

Clean, efficient oilheat continues to keep many homes in Michigan warm and safe, even during the coldest of Midwestern winters. You can continue to depend on this clean, efficient and safe heating source to keep you comfortable in the years ahead. You can feel secure as well because historic levels of domestic oil production have given us an abundant supply of heating oil.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the clean-burning properties of heating oil and how it has evolved into a more environmentally fuel.

Home heating oil has become progressively cleaner

The oilheat industry continues to undergo a revolution that is significantly improving oilheat’s cleanliness as well as efficiency, thanks to the combination of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and the advent of Bioheat®.

Here are a few reasons why you are benefitting from this:

Read more about Bioheat® and ultra-low sulfur fuel here.

Beyond vast improvements in fuel quality, there have been many advances in heating oil equipment, including oil storage tanks. Designed with corrosion-resistant materials, today’s tanks can last for decades. New technology allows for remote monitoring to protect against the rare event of a leak and guarantees that you will always have a sufficient supply of heating oil on hand.

In our next post, we’ll continue to review other great oilheat benefits—including abundance, safety and efficiency.