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How To Save Energy And Money At Home This Summer

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Heating season is not far off, but right now, keeping your home cool and saving on your energy bills is probably top of mind.

5 Home Efficiency Tips

Here are five everyday ways to save energy—and money—when the temperature rises in your Michigan home.

  1. Install a smart programmable thermostat. Save energy when you set and adjust the temperature for when you’re away or asleep with the help of a smart programmable thermostat. This can help reduce your energy usage by up to 10%!
  2. Keep the space in front of baseboards/vents clear. Rugs that are too thick, furniture that’s in the way, or toys that are strewn about on the floor can all create obstructions. In order to maximize your home’s energy usage, be sure this area is clear.
  3. Check your system’s air filter. Make it a monthly habit to check your air filter, and change it if necessary. If you need help determining whether your filter needs to be changed or if you need assistance with what to do to change it, give your heating company a call.
  4. Run ventilating fans. In your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms as needed, ventilating fans can get the hot air out of your house in as little as an hour.
  5. Seal your windows. Sealing your windows will quickly prove to be a true money saver and a great way to keep out the heat when the A/C is running in your Michigan home. Use weatherstripping for moveable joints and caulk for nonmoving parts.