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Why Do I Lose Heat When My Power Goes Out?

During power outages, Michigan oilheat service providers receive many calls from customers who have fuel but can’t get heat.

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Common Causes for Fluctuations in Heating Oil Prices

Understandably, people who heat their homes with oil always have concerns about where heating fuel prices may be headed, especially as we approach wintertime.

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Saving Money on Heat—Look beyond Your Oil Boiler or Oil Furnace

Many homeowners think that their heating system is the only thing to focus on when it comes to saving energy and money.


If You Heat Your Home with Oil, Read This

Have you heard about the oilheat equipment rebate program in Michigan?

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Top Reasons to Choose Heating Oil: Clean, Abundant, Safe, Efficient—Part Two

In our previous blog, we put the focus on the clean-burning properties of today’s oilheat.

Choose Heating Oil

Top Reasons to Choose Heating Oil: Clean, Abundant, Safe, Efficient—Part One

Clean, efficient oilheat continues to keep many homes in Michigan warm and safe, even during the coldest of Midwestern winters. You can continue to depend on this clean, efficient and safe heating source to keep you comfortable in the years ahead.

Oilheat Advances in Michigan

Oilheat Advances in Michigan

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on repairs just to keep your old oilheating system running, why not start researching your options in modern oil furnaces or oil boilers?

Receive Up to $500 in Rebates

Receive Up to $500 in Rebates When You Install New Oilheating Equipment

Thousands of homeowners across the country have taken advantage of heating oil equipment rebates and we think it’s time that you considered getting in on this opportunity while funds remain available.

New Website Is Built for Michiganders Who Use Oilheat

The Michigan Petroleum Association/ Michigan Association of Convenience Stores  (MPA/MACS) is proud to launch the Oilheat Michigan website