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Upgrading your oilheat system vs. converting

Upgrade Oilheat System vs. Converting: What To Do?

Michiganders who are facing an expensive repair to get their old oil heating equipment up and running again may consider switching to another fuel to heat their home.

Reduced sulfur content makes oilheat cleaner and greener

Reduced Sulfur Content Makes Oilheat Cleaner And Greener

The quality of your heating oil has a big impact on how efficiently your system runs and how long your equipment lasts.

Oilheat rebates now available

Up To $1,000 In Oilheat Rebates Available In 2020

If you’re thinking that it might be time to replace your heating system, now is the perfect time to upgrade!

Why You Lose Your Heat When The Power Goes Out

WHY DO I LOSE HEAT WHEN MY POWER GOES OUT? During a power outage, Michigan oilheat service providers receive many calls from customers who have fuel but can’t get heat. Unfortunately, your heating oil company, as much as they would like to, cannot help you get your heat back in this type of situation. That’s […]

How To Save Money On Heat: Beyond Your Oil Furnace Or Boiler

How To Save Money On Heat – Beyond Your Oil Furnace Or Boiler When it comes to saving and money and energy, many homeowners focus only on their heating system. It is true that your oil boiler or oil furnace is the most important part of your home’s energy output, but that system is only […]

Heating system maintenance

Benefits of Getting Regular Heating Maintenance

If you’ve already taken care of getting your annual heating maintenance done on your oil furnace or oil boiler, good for you!


Saving Money up Front with Michigan Oilheat Rebates

Rebates of up to $1000 are still available this year thanks to an equipment replacement program…

Family home comfort

Take Care of Last Minute Heating Repairs Now

As you enjoy another summer in the Great Lakes State, we know that your furnace or boiler is probably the last thing on your mind.

Summer home

How to Take Care of Your Heating Oil Tank During Summer

Everyone who heats their home with oil knows that an empty oil tank means bad news in the winter.

Heating system maintenance

Why Think about Your Oilheat System Now?

We get it. You’re totally done with winter and don’t want to think about it anymore—or at least not for another five or six months.