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Michigan Winters and Oilheat: Perfect Together

Cozy indoors in the winter

Let’s face it. Michigan winters can be brutally cold and this past winter was certainly no exception. Polar vortex, anyone?

Fortunately, it’s on the coldest days that oilheat delivers the greatest value. And, thanks to their local oilheat company, Michiganders have all the support they need to make their life at home safe and warm.

For starters, Oil generates a whopping 138,000 Btu’s of heat for every gallon burned and warms a home evenly and efficiently.

The flame in a heating oil system burns much hotter than other energy systems. This produces more heat and warmer air or water, which leads to more evenly distributed heat throughout the house. So when it’s five degrees and the wind is howling, that powerful heat output can help keep your home as cozy as ever.

Technology has brought great improvements in efficiency that has reduced annual fuel consumption by as much as 40%. This has saved oilheat consumers a lot of money on fuel.

Of course, to enjoy these great benefits of oilheat, you need a reliable supplier. Heating oil companies are renowned for the level of support they provide. During extreme cold, drivers often work double shifts to make sure that all customers have fuel in their tanks.

To read more about how oilheat’s efficiency takes the sting out of the cold, go here. Then contact your oilheat dealer to see how they can help you stay even warmer with oilheat. Be sure to ask about current oilheat rebates that can save you up to $500 on new equipment.

This new equipment rebate program was recently launched by the Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPAMACS) with the support of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). Qualified homeowners in Michigan who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes can now receive these rebates when they install a qualifying new high-efficiency heating system and a new aboveground heating oil tank.