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Energy Saving Tips And Advice For Spring

Energy Saving Tips And Advice For Spring Heating and cooling systems comprise about 60% of the average home’s energy consumption. That’s why it’s so important to maintain this equipment properly—and invest in a replacement system when your heating or cooling unit has reached the end of its life span. But it also makes sense to […]

Why Are Today’s Oil Tanks Better?

Why Are Today’s Oil Tanks Better? While your heating oil tank doesn’t have a direct impact on your home’s energy efficiency, it is an important part of the “energy system” in your house and it can affect your family’s comfort and peace of mind. Here are a few important facts about the heating oil tanks […]

Heating Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Heating Mistakes You Need To Avoid From skiing and ice skating to snowmobile rides, fat-tire biking and so much more, there’s a lot to do during our Michigan winters. If only it didn’t get so darn cold sometimes. When we come home, we expect to warm up quickly, especially for anyone who uses oilheat. And […]

Oilheat Vs. The Polar Vortex

Oilheat Vs. The Polar Vortex We all know that Michigan winters can be brutally cold sometimes, but according to weather forecasters, this winter may be extra challenging. It appears that the polar vortex is heading our way once again. Areas in our country expected to be impacted the most include the central U.S. and parts […]

Frozen Water Pipe Prevention Tips

Frozen Water Pipe Prevention Tips We all know it can get downright cold here in Michigan and our winters can be long ones. One of the biggest worries for Michiganders during an extended cold spell is losing heat in their home, which, as you know, substantially increases the risk of having water pipes freeze—and even […]

How Clean Really Is Heating Oil?

How Clean Really Is Heating Oil? Heating oil has continually evolved since it became the primary source of heating fuel for homeowners in the 1950s, and one of the most significant changes over the years has been the industry’s effort to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, today’s heating oil burns more cleanly, with lower […]

Get Up to $1,000 Rebates While They Last

Get Up To $1,000 Rebates While They Last

This year, many Michiganders from Acme to Zilwaukee have taken advantage of generous equipment rebates and installed new, higher efficiency heating equipment in their home. These rebates include:

Should I Feel Safe Using Oilheat?

Should I Feel Safe Using Oilheat?

Across Michigan, families depend on oilheat for a large portion of the year. Sometimes people wonder whether oilheat is a safe way to go for heating their home.

Take Care of Heating Tune-Ups and Repairs this Summer

Take Care Of Heating Tune-Ups And Repairs This Summer

Once August and September hit, making summer last is at the top of everyone’s list. Getting your boiler or furnace tuned-up is at least a few items down on that list.

Save Energy and Money in Your Michigan Home this Summer

How To Save Energy And Money At Home This Summer

Heating season is not far off, but right now, keeping your home cool and saving on your energy bills is probably top of mind.