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Use Less Energy, Save More Money

Use Less Energy, Save More Money Ring Up Your Energy Savings with Small Changes With energy prices so high and inflation rates draining cash from our pockets every day, most Michiganders want to save money at home wherever they can. Here’s an idea: there are actually many small yet important energy conservation methods that can […]

The Price of Heating Oil in Michigan

The Price of Heating Oil in Michigan A Look at Energy Markets and Price Fluctuations As you know, the price you pay for your heating oil in Michigan can change quite a bit from year to year. Why does that happen? It’s because the market price of oil is always tied to a variety of […]

Staying Comfortable with Heating Oil

Staying Comfortable with Heating Oil Oilheat Companies Provide Important Support An independent research study once asked homeowners who heat with oil whether they trusted their heating oil company or other energy providers more. Homeowners chose local heating oil companies by almost a 4-to-1 margin! Trust is the foundation on which Michigan heating oil companies operate, […]

Innovations in Bioheat® Fuel & Biodiesel

Innovations in Bioheat® Fuel & Biodiesel Green Fuel for the Future Continues Its Growth Biodiesel—the renewable biofuel that’s used in Bioheat fuel for home heating—has seen impressive technology advances, providing motor fleets with reliable performance and savings while vastly reducing emissions. As an example, mechanical engineers at the University of Michigan recently partnered with General […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Oil Boiler?

Is It Time to Replace Your Oil Boiler? Know When to Repair, Know When to Replace Like any piece of equipment, your heating oil boiler will eventually have to be replaced one day. But is that day near, or still far off? If you need a repair, should you still keep putting money into your […]

Sensing Common Oil-Heated Home Issues

Sensing Common Oil-Heated Home Issues Be Aware of Any Strange Noises or Smells Every problem has a symptom, and frequently, it is accompanied by something you see, hear, smell or even feel. Here are a few examples. Dusty, Burning Smell This commonly occurs when people turn on their heating system for the first time. This […]

Heating oil tank gauge

How To Read a Heating Oil Tank Gauge

If you’ve been relying on oil heat in your Michigan home for more years than you can remember, you’re an old hand at reading your oil tank gauge and knowing when it’s time to call for more fuel.

What is the Price of Heating Oil in Michigan?

What is the Price of Heating Oil in Michigan? A Range of Factors Has Caused Energy Prices to Rise Heating oil prices in Michigan—and everywhere else—will always ebb and flow because many factors come into play. Everything from the weather to geopolitics can influence the markets and the cost of all energy, including heating oil. […]

Take Comfort in Clean-Burning Heating Oil

Heating Oil Burns More Cleanly Now, with Fewer Emissions Heating oil is playing a leading role in the drive towards clean energy, thanks in part to vast reductions of sulfur levels. As a result, heating oil burns more cleanly, with fewer emissions. You also benefit from better heating efficiency and easier maintenance, since ultra-low-sulfur oil leaves fewer […]

Why Would an Oil Furnace Smell?

Why Does My Oil Furnace Smell? If your furnace has been maintained by a heating oil service expert over the years – including this year – it will more than likely do its job without any problems. But sometimes, especially if you’ve ignored the benefits of getting regular heating maintenance, your furnace will give you warning signs of a coming problem […]